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By KHAAdmin on 4/3/2019 3:29 PM
Sokhon Pok receiving Patient Safety Hero AwardKHA and the K-HIIN group recently recognized Sokhon Pok, at T. J. Samson Community Hospital, as the latest Patient Safety Hero Awardee. Pok was nominated by Andrea Purchis, T. J. Samson Infection Preventionist, who elaborated on why he deserved the award:

"I am so proud to have Sokhon Pok at our hospital. He is an exemplary nurse. On my daily rounds I assess foley needs on our patients. Every single time I have mentioned to Sokhon that his patient's foley has the capability to come out, he has it out within the hour. He never gives accuses for patient safety and he understands the risk of leaving these devices in."

Congratulations to Pok and all the T. J. Samson Community Hospital Hospital staff for their quality health care achievements!

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